Exams & Grading


The weights of each component contributing to your final course grade will be as follows:

Recitation WeBWorK Midterms Final Total
10% 15% 20% each 35% 100%


There will be two common midterm exams and a final. The dates for these exams are as follows:

The Final will have a part A and part B. The final Part A will replace one of your midterms if that improves your grade. Note that only one, not both, of your midterm scores can be replaced in this way. Because of this policy, there are no make-up exams, except in exceptional circumstances, which will require documentation.

Practice Exams

Midterm I: practice exam with solutions and some practice problems and answers

Midterm II: practice exam with solutions and a second practice exam with solutions

Final: practice exam with solutions and a second practice exam with solutions.

Previous Exams

Note - these are meant only as a rough guide to study from. Old questions will not be re-used, and the exact content will vary from term to term. In particular, Math 143 has covered material in a different order in past terms, which means you may see topics on Midterm 1s below that won’t be covered until our final, or vice versa. Your instructor will clarify what topics/book sections are covered before each exam, and if you’re unsure about a topic on an old exam is fair game or not, just ask.