MATH 200

Course Policies and Information

MATH 200 and 200W


Arda Demirhan
Lectures: TTh 12:30-13:45 pm, Gavett 202
Office: Hylan 919
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-5:00 PM (no appointment, in person) and Wednesday 2:00-3:00 PM (might be also on Zoom if there is a request via email, Zoom link is on Blackboard / Course Home Page).

Teaching Assistant

Anurag Sahay


Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30-11:30 on Zoom, Zoom link is on Blackboard / Course Home Page

Attendance is essential for this course.


How to prove it — D. J. Velleman (Cambridge U Press). Third edition.

Students can also use the second edition, as we will not cover Chapter 7 of 3rd edition (which is a new chapter in the edition). We will try to cover most of the other sections except 8.3. (This means: second edition minus (its) section 7.3).

Topics Covered

MTH 200 serves as a bridge between basic math courses, such as MTH 141-3 or 161-2, and more theoretical courses such as linear algebra, abstract algebra, topology and real analysis. MATH 200W serves as a 4-credit unit for the Math Department’s Upper Level Writing (ULW) requirement. The goals of these courses are for students to learn

(i) specific content: logic, methods of proof, set theory, relations and functions, which are foundational for all of advanced mathematics;

and for MATH 200W also

(ii) two forms of mathematical communication: rigorous mathematical writing - definitions, statements and proofs - in the context of the topics covered; and expository writing on mathematical topics for non-experts. ##Check “200W - Papers” for more details.

Blackboard: The homework sets will be uploaded on the blackboard. You should check this webpage and Blackboard regularly.

Exams and Grading

Your grade for the course will be based on your performance on exams and homework:

  • Homework assignments 30/100
  • Midterm Exam 30/100
  • Final Exam 40/100

For 200W

  • Homework assignments 20/100
  • Midterm Exam 20/100
  • Papers 20/100
  • Final Exam 40/100

No makeup exams are given.

Midterm will be on October 25 during class time.

Final exam will be on Dec 20 between 7:15-10:15 pm. The place will be announced later.

Papers for Math 200W

Please check the subpage “Exams & Grading” for the details (deadlines and all other important info about the papers).

In consultation with the instructor, the students in MTH 200W are supposed to choose topics for the two papers mentioned above by end of September (November for second paper) and submit the first drafts in Latex and Pdf (from latex) in 2 weeks. They will be (anonymously) peer reviewed and there will be a feedback (as colored comments on latex version) from the instructor, after which the final draft should be submitted in a week. The grading will be based on quality of the first and the final drafts.

Note: This course is covered by the College’s Academic Honesty Policy, which you are expected to have read. In particular, submission of written work, including homework, quizzes and exams, which has been copied from the work of other students, with or without their knowledge or consent, or from a book, is plagiarism.


There will be weekly homework assignments. Generally, homework sets are due on Thursdays at 11:59pm (the first one is due on September 15) and they will be posted on Gradescope one week ago (the link to any homework set in Gradescope will be given in Blackboard). Homework solutions should be submitted through Gradescope. No extensions, but the lowest HW score will be dropped. The submission should preferrably typed and (even better) latexed to produce pdf. Doing this is not required, but it will be easier on grader, it produces smaller pdf and tex files to store for you and it will make you proficient in this important professional tool, which you will soon need anyway.

Disability Support

If you have an academic need related to a disability, arrangements can be made to accommodate most needs. In the event you encounter any barrier(s) to full participation in this course due to the impact of a disability, please contact the Office of Disability Resources. The access coordinators in the Office of Disability Resources can meet with you to discuss the barriers you are experiencing and explain the eligibility process for establishing academic accommodations. You can reach the Office of Disability Resources at:; (585)275-9049; 1-154 Dewey Hall. To be granted alternate testing accommodations, such as extra time, you (the student) must fill out forms with the office of disability resources at least seven days before each and every exam. These forms are not sent automatically. Instructors are not responsible for requesting alternative testing accommodations for you, and they are not obligated to make any accommodations on their own.

Academic Integrity Statement

  • All assignments and activities associated with this course must be performed in accordance with the University of Rochester’s Academic Honesty Policy. More information is available at:

Math Dept policy on unauthorized online resources: Any usage whatsoever of online solution sets or paid online resources ( or similar) is considered an academic honesty violation and will be reported to the Board on Academic Honesty. In particular, any assignment found to contain content which originated from such sources is subject to a minimum penalty of zero on the assignment and a full letter grade reduction at the end of the semester (e.g. a B would be reduced to a C). This applies even if the unauthorized content was obtained through indirect means (through a friend for instance) and/or the student is seemingly unaware that the content originated from such sources. If you have any questions about whether resources are acceptable, please check with your instructor.