MATH 150

We will be using the blackboard for all the zoom information-links, and the lecture video links.


Brian McDonald
E-mail: bmcdon11 at u. rochester dot edu
Lectures: MW 14:00-15:15 in Gavett Hall Room 202
Office Hours: TBD (the zoom IDs are on blackboard)
Cheng Zhang
E-mail: czhang77 at ur.rochester dot edu
Lectures: MW 10:25-11:40 in Harkness Room 115
Office Hours: Tue 5-6pm, Wed 5-6pm (the zoom IDs are on blackboard)


Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (8th edition) by Kenneth H. Rosen (Note you are welcome to use the 7th edition as well)

Topics Covered

We will cover much of chapters 1-6, 8, 10 of the text. Among the topics we will study are set theory, formal logic, algorithms and their complexity, elementary number theory, induction, counting, recurrence relations, and graph theory. See course schedule for details.

TA office hours

In addition to instructor office hours, our TAs will also hold office hours where you can ask any questions related to the course material. Office hours can be especially useful if you take the initiative by identifying topics that are giving you trouble and formulate some questions based on this beforehand.

Zoom IDs will be posted on Blackboard.

TA Office Hours Email
Ho Vuong Wed 5-6pm vho7 at u dot rochester dot edu
Jin Bowen Mon 5-6pm bjin6 at u dot rochester dot edu
Liu Sichen Wed 1-2pm sliu97 at u dot rochester dot edu
Liu Pinxin Mon 8-9pm pliu23 at u dot rochester dot edu