MATH 141


Welcome to Math 141! This is a first-semester course covering differential calculus. Calculus is the mathematical study of the infinite and infinitesimal, and provides beautiful and useful connections between the algebraic expressions of functions and the geometry of their graphs. Calculus is fundamental to mathematics, and is ubiquitously used in computer science, physics, economics, mathematical modeling, and data science, among others.

This course will be run primarily through Blackboard, where you will be able to access Webwork, Zoom, the course schedule, your grades, review materials, and many other things. Announcements and changes to the course will be reflected in updates to the Blackboard site (rather than this site), so please stay current!

About the textbook:

We use Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 9th edition by Clegg, Stewart, and Watson. Be sure to get “Early Transcendentals”, as there is another book called Calculus by Stewart, which is quite different.

The ninth edition of this text was only recently published, and is not currently stocked in the university’s library. For most purposes, the 8th edition should suffice. If you are having difficulty purchasing or obtaining a copy of the book for any reason, please contact Professor Wyman (


Emmett Wyman
Class times: MW 9-10:15am
Office: Hylan 905
Saul Lubkin
Class times: TR 2-3:15pm
Office: Hylan 705