MATH 208: Operations Research

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Cross Listed



MTH 165 (or MTH 173) and MTH 164 (or MTH 174)


Operations Research utlizes mathematical modeling, techniques, and algorithms, to most appropriately allocate resources and meet goals. An alternative title for the course might be “Mathematical Theory of Management, Control and Decision Making”. In general the course is intended for students with interests in applied math, statistics, economics, engineering and science. A second semester of the course devoted to probabilistic techniques will be offered in the spring semester.

Topics covered

Linear programming is emphasized – including the simplex algorithm, sensitivity analysis, dual problems, and related techniques. Integer programming, network models, Dynamic programming, and the KKT conditions are also discussed.

A follow-up course is Math 209, Operations Research II, which covers stochastic models, queueing theory, and decision making in the presence of uncertainty. Applications, such as supply-chain modeling, are explored extensively.