MATH 282

Introduction to Complex Variables with Applications

Course description


James Ward Brown and Ruel V. Churchill, Complex Variables and Applications (9th edition), McGraw-Hill, 2013.

Topics Covered:

Complex differentiation and integration, analytic functions, singularities, residues, poles, series expansions with some applications.

Class Meetings

Professor Time Place
Eyup Yalcinkaya MW 2:00PM - 3:15PM Gavett Hall Room 312
Arda H. Demirhan MW 10:25AM - 11:40AM Lechase Room 141

Office Hours

Professor Time Place Email
Eyup Yalcinkaya Monday: 3:30-5:00, Wednesday: 10:30-12:00 Hylan 1015 eyalcink at ur dot rochester dot edu
Arda H. Demirhan Monday: 12:00-1:50 PM, Wednesday: 12:50-1:50, Wednesday: 8:00-9:30 PM (on Zoom, the link is on Blackboard) and other times by appointment Hylan 919 a dot demirhan at rochester dot edu


Cooper Orio corio at u dot rochester dot edu
Yinghan Yu yyu73 at u dot rochester dot edu


Your grade for the course will be determined as follows:

  • Written Homework – 20%
  • Webwork – 10%
  • Midterm 1 – 20%
  • Midterm 2 – 20%
  • Final Exam – 30%

Makeup exams are typically not offered, they will only be given in exceptional circumstances: documented serious medical problem or a genuine personal/family emergency.

Calculators, cell phones, iPods and other electronic devices, books, and notes of any kind ARE NOT PERMITTED IN EXAMS. Bring your UR ID to all exams. If you miss a midterm exam with a valid excuse (such as genuine illness or emergency) supported by documentation, then the final exam will count as your makeup. No Makeup Exams will be given for any reason. The only justification for an Incomplete grade is a documented serious medical problem or a genuine personal/family emergency. Falling behind in this course or problems with workload on other courses are not acceptable reasons.


  • Midterm 1 – February 14 between 8:00-9:20
  • Midterm 2 – March 23 between 8:00-9:20
  • Final – TBA

Homework and Schedule:

Generally, each Wednesday a written hw assignment and a Webwork assignment will be posted and they will be due on the next Wednesday.

On the intended class environment and culture

We firmly believe that our job is to make the course material accessible to everyone. As such, we strongly encourage you to reach out if you are confused, have questions, or concerns. Please feel free to ask questions in class if you are confused about something! Our job is never to judge–to do mathematics is to be in a state of near-constant confusion, and putting confusion into words by asking questions is the first step to understanding. Students generally enter a math class from a variety of backgrounds and interests, and we intend for your classroom to be a safe and inclusive space for everyone to discuss, ask questions, and learn. If you are ever concerned about the class environment, please contact your instructor.

Disability Support:

If you have an academic need related to a disability, please contact the Disability Services and Support. Note: To be granted alternate testing accommodations, you must fill out forms at least seven days before each and every exam.

Academic Integrity Statement:

You are responsible for knowing and abiding by the University of Rochester’s academic integrity code. For a complete listing visit the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering’s web site. Any violation of academic integrity will be pursued according to the specified procedures. In particular, submission of written work, including homework and exams, which has been copied from the work of other students (or anyone else) with or without their knowledge or consent, is plagiarism.

On the written homework, you are expected to write up the assignment entirely on your own. You may consult your book and any previous notes or assignments from this class. You may discuss with other students only after you’ve worked on the problems yourself first. You may not show written solutions to any other student in the class–you can give each other hints when you talk, but the assignment you submit must be written entirely on your own. Under no circumstances are you allowed to search for solutions to the homework problems online or in any other sources.