This page contains some information about getting started using LaTeX. It is strongly recommended to use it on your homework, and those enrolled in 240HW will be required to use LaTeX to write their papers. You can read the Wikipedia page about LaTeX here.

We recommend using Overleaf for LaTeX this semester, but if you want to install it locally on your computer, we can recommend TeXshop for Mac or MikTeX for Windows.

Overleaf’s site has a nice three part tutorial on LaTeX:

If you want to use a template for your homework assignments or papers, some Googling can help you out. Overleaf has a collection of them here, and the website https://www.latextemplates.com contains more.

Problem Solving and Writing Proofs

Solving mathematics problems often requires a lot of time and effort, knowledge, patience and hard work. As this is a Honors class. Writing proofs is different from problem solving; it is a coherent well-written argument intended to convince an audience that something (that follows from established hypotheses) it is true. As this is a Honor class, independent problem solving and coherent writing skills make a huge component of the final grade. Here are a few ideas that may be useful to keep in mind when you are trying to solve a problem.