Grading & Exams


The final grade will be calculated as the maximum of the following two weighted averages.

Option 1:
Homework: 40%
Midterm 1: 15%
Midterm 2: 15%
Final Exam: 30%
Option 2:
Homework: 40%
Best Midterm Exam: 20%
Final Exam: 40%

Incomplete grades are almost never given. The only justification is a documented serious medical problem or a genuine personal/family emergency. Falling behind in this course or problems with workload on other courses are not acceptable reasons.

MATH 240HW: For students taking the writing component, refer to the corresponding tab to learn about the grade calculation.


There will be two midterm exams and one final exam (cumulative). The use of calculators, phones or other electronic devices during exams is prohibited. One page of notes will be allowed during the exams. Makeup exams will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

Exam dates, times and location:

  Date Time Location
Midterm 1 Feb 28 12:30pm Hylan 105
Midterm 2 Apr 4 12:30pm Hylan 105
Final Exam May 03 8:30am TBA