Course Description

Review of set theory; metric spaces and topological spaces; functions and continuous functions; convergence, completeness, connectedness, and compactness; applications to surfaces.


MATH 173 or (MATH 164 and MATH 235) or (MATH 164 and MATH 200).

Course Meetings

Until the end of January 2022, twice-weekly course meetings will take place on Zoom. The meeting link will be available on the course Blackboard page. Lectures will be recorded and posted, along with lecture notes, to Blackboard. Once the university returns to in-person lecture, course meetings will occur in Hylan 101.


The course grade will be determined as follows:

  • Homework: 50%
  • Midterm Exam: 20%
  • Final Exam: 30%


Weekly homework will be posted on the course page and collected through Gradescope. You are encouraged to work with other students on the homework problems, but you must write up and submit your own solutions. One homework assignment will be dropped.

Late homework will not be accepted without prior arrangement, except in the case of serious emergency.


There will be one in-class midterm exam, on Monday, February 28. The final exam time is Tuesday, May 3 at 8:30 AM. The final exam location is TBA.

Academic Honesty

All assignments and activities associated with this course must be performed in accordance with the University of Rochester’s Academic Honesty Policy. More information is available at

In particular, exams must be submitted with a signed Honor Pledge.

This course is also subject to the Mathematics Department’s statement on online resources: Any usage whatsoever of online solution sets or paid online resources ( or similar) is considered an academic honesty violation and will be reported to the Board on Academic Honesty. In particular, any assignment found to contain content which originated from such sources is subject to a minimum penalty of zero on the assignment and a full letter grade reduction at the end of the semester (e.g. a B would be reduced to a C). This applies even if the unauthorized content was obtained through indirect means (through a friend for instance) and/or the student is seemingly unaware that the content originated from such sources. If you have any questions about whether resources are acceptable, please check with your instructor.

Disability Support

The University of Rochester respects and welcomes students of all backgrounds and abilities. In the event you encounter any barrier(s) to full participation in this course due to the impact of a disability, please contact the Office of Disability Resources. The access coordinators in the Office of Disability Resources can meet with you to discuss the barriers you are experiencing and explain the eligibility process for establishing academic accommodations. You can reach the Office of Disability Resources by email at, by phone at (585) 276-5075, in-person in Taylor Hall, or online at