General info

The writing requirement for MATH 235W includes two assignments: one shorter proof-writing assignment and one longer expository paper. These assignments will be worth 5% and 15% of the total course grade, respectively. The remaining portion of the grade will be computed using the scheme described on the course homepage and then scaled to 80%.

All submissions must be composed using \(\LaTeX\) and submitted on Gradescope in PDF format. \(\LaTeX\) (usually pronounced “lay-teck”) is a mathematical document preparation system. If you are new to \(\LaTeX\), we recommend using Overleaf. An example document and beginner’s guide are included in the Resources section below.


Mathematical writing

Expository Papers in Mathematics
“Some Remarks on Writing Mathematical Proofs” by J. M. Lee
“How To Write Mathematics” by P. R. Halmos (a little more advanced but a lot of good advice)

Using \(\LaTeX\)

MATH 235W \(\LaTeX\) template
Learn \(\LaTeX\) in 30 minutes
\(\LaTeX\) Mathematics Symbols

Assignment 1

In a \(\LaTeX\) document, students will write polished proofs of several homework problems and/or theorems from class.

Posted: Feb 1
Draft & reflection due: Feb 11
Draft returned: Feb 18
Revision due: Feb 25

Assignment 2

Each student will select a topic closely related to class content (the instructors will provide several options to choose from). Students will prepare an 8-10 page expository paper on the motivation, main results, and applications of their chosen subject.

Posted: Feb 28
Draft & reflection due: April 2
Peer review due: April 9
Draft returned: April 12
Revision due: April 23