Exams & Grading

There will be one midterm and a final exam at the following times:

Wednesday, March 2.
Location: In Class.
Formula Sheet
Final Exam
Tuesday, May 3, 4-7pm
Location: In Class
Formula Sheet


Your grade for the course will be based on your homework and performance on exams:

  • Homework - 20%
  • Midterm Exams - 35%
  • Final Exam - 45%

The Final Exam is comprehensive covering material from the entire semester.

If it would result in a higher final grade for you, your final exam will be worth 80% and your midterm will be worth 0%. This will be done automatically. Note: This doesn’t mean you can skip the midterm. Your midterm grade can only help you, and if you have a zero/no grade on the midterm, you’ll have a failing interim grade.

Makeup exams. Makeup exams will only be offered when there is a documented medical problem or family emergency. Don’t come to an exam sick, but do a) complete Dr. ChatBot and go to UHS and b) email me as soon as something comes up.

Incomplete “I” grades are almost never given. The only justification is a documented serious medical problem or a genuine personal/family emergency. Falling behind in this course or problems with workload on other courses are not acceptable reasons. If you are concerned about your standing or ability to pass the class, please talk to me sooner rather than later.

Old Exams

For your study, exams from previous semesters are posted below. The following only provide a collection of example problems and will not match exactly which material or book sections will be on our exams, as the schedule changes slightly term to term. I will clarify before each midterm what sections will be covered.

Studying these exams alone is not sufficient. You should consult your class notes, the textboox, and the homework problems as well.

Old midterm exams for practice

Old final exams for practice