Homework Rules

1. Late homeworks will not be accepted for grades, except in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the instructor.

2. You may collaborate on homework. However:
    -Each collaborator must hand in his or her own problem set. You cannot hand in a single set as the work of several people.

-When collaborating, every student must work on every problem. You may not divide the problems up between yourselves.

- Collaboration means discussing the problems together. However, the actual writing must be done individually; everyone should submit their answers in their own words. Copying is NOT allowed, and it will be considered academic dishonesty.
3. All homework assignments are submitted on gradescope and can be handwritten or typed with LaTeX. There are two options to upload your assignment and regardless of how you upload, you MUST match pages to each problem:
    -You can submit by saving photos and uploading one problem at a time.

-You can submit by uploading one .pdf file of your entire assignment, then clicking which pages correspond to each problem.
Note: you do NOT need to have each problem on a separate page, it is possible to have a single page matched to several problems.