Homework Rules for Math 165 Spring 2022

  1. All homework assignments (webwork and written) are due Fridays at 11:59pm.

  2. Late homeworks will not be accepted for grades, except in extreme cases such as religious conflicts or family emergencies.

  3. Written Homework Problem solutions must be written out in the order they were assigned, and uploaded to Gradescope in that same order.

  4. You may collaborate on homework. However:
    • Each collaborator must submit his or her own problem set. You cannot submit a single set as the work of several people.
    • Collaboration means discussing the problems together. However, the actual writing must be done individually; everyone should submit their answers in their own words. You must internalize solutions - this means you should be able to reproduce the solution to any submitted homework without the help of anyone else or outside resources besides the textbook and a basic calculator.
  5. Copying from a solution set or another student’s homework is NOT allowed, and it will be considered academic dishonesty.

  6. Using homework services such as in any capacity for this course is considered a breach of academic honesty. For more details on academic honesty policies see the Blackboard site.