Math 164 has weekly recitations where you meet in smaller groups with a TA for 75 minutes. While attendance is not part of your course grade, it is highly recommend that you attend every week since problems similar to homework and exams are routinely discussed.

You MUST sign up for a recitation. Recitation sign-ups will open Wednesday, Jan 19 at 9pm. Choose a time that best fits your schedule and stick to that one! There are no makeup recitations. Recitation starts the week of Jan 24.

Recitation time/place

Here is a screenshot of the recitation times and locations: Recitation Times.

Instructions for recitation signups:

Sign-ups will open Wed, Jan 19 at 9 PM and are conducted in blackboard. To sign up for a recitation you must navigate to the Math 164 recitation organization titled “MATH 164 Recitations - Spring 2022”. Note: This is separate from the regular Math 164 blackboard page. After you login to the recitation organization is usually on the right hand side of the screen. Go there and follow the instructions you see. The recitation times will not appear until exactly 9:00pm Wed, Jan 19 and you’ll be able to sign up for one right away.