Things you need to do immediately

You need to register for the course though URStudent. If it says the class is full, ask for permission. This will cause the system to send an email to your prospective instructor, who will give the necessary approval.

If you want to take the course you should

  • Look at the notes for the classes you missed on the lecture notes page.

  • Bring a drop/add form (available in Lattimore 312) to the next meeting of the class and ask the instructor to sign it. Class meeting times and places can be found on the course home page.

  • How to access webwork: Login blackboard with your UR assigned user name (net id) using your ID number as password.
    Go to Course Materials on the MTH 162 blackboard site and click the Webwork Link. WeBWorK problems count for 20% of the total grade.

  • Students that come into this course very late are not repsonsible for webwork assignment due before you registered. You should email your instructor the day after the final exam to remind them of this.

  • Consult the Supplementary Homework Exercises for additional homework problems that will give you extra practice at mastering the material.

  • Go to Recitation sign-ups and choose a time that is convenient for you. Go to the next meeting of that recitation and tell the TA who you are.

  • Consult the course outline page for more information about the course and a full description of the grading policy.

  • Look at the syllabus page for information about reading assignments and exam dates. It also has information about the textbook. You may use the 5th, 6th or 7th edition of Stewart. The 5th and 6th editions can be had for a lot less than the price of a new book.

  • Come to class, pay attention and work hard.

    Do not think for one minute that if you aced calculus in high school, it will be easy to get a good calculus grade at UR.