MATH 162-A2

Calculus IIA


Firdavs Rakhmonov
E-mail: frakhmon at ur dot rochester dot edu
Office: Hylan 1103
Lecture: MTWR, 17:45-20:00 ET via Zoom.
Office Hours: TBD via Zoom; or by appointment.

Textbook and Requirements

The textbook for the course is Calculus: Early Transcendentals (9th edition) by James Stewart. You may use an older edition if it is easier to obtain. There may be some differences in pages, section numbers and questions.

You will need a zoom account to attend the lectures and a working webcam to take the exams. Lectures will be recorded and posted on Blackboard for viewing, and exams will be proctored on Zoom. Asynchronous participation will be fully supported.


MTH 161 or equivalent is a strict prerequisite and must be completed before taking 162.

Course Description

Techniques of integration, improper integrals, applications to geometry and physics. Infinite series, Taylor series in one variable. Plane curves, parametric equations, polar coordinates, arc length. NOTE: Either MTH 164 or 165 can be taken after MTH 162 or 143. Students can drop from MTH 162 to MTH 142. Interested students should speak with their professor for details. This course cannot be taken for credit after completing MTH 143. Students who want to repeat a course for a grade need to secure the approval of the Dean by completing an online Repeat Course Request Form.

Exams and Grading

There will be two midterm exams and a final exam.
Midterm 1: May 25, 17:45-19:00, in class.
Midterm 2: June 8, 17:45-19:00, in class.
Final Exam: June 23, 17:00-20:00, in class.

For grading policy, see the Grading Policy page.