Getting Help

If you are having difficulty seek help immediately - do not wait until it is too late to recover from falling behind or failing to understand a concept. There are several avenues for you to get help and ask questions, outside of lecture:

  • Attend instructor office hours or schedule an appointment to meet with your instructor.

  • Go to math department study hall, for more info see here:

  • CETL offers a range a resources:
    • This semester’s CETL study group for MTH 161 is TBA.
    • Attend CETL’s drop-in tutoring hours: CETL tutoring page.
    • CETL also offers tutoring, study groups, and study skills counseling. More information can be found here
  • All WeBWorK problems have a button for “Email WeBWorK TA.” Clicking this button allows you to write a message that is emailed to the instructors and a “WeBWorK TA”. The WeBWorK TA will get back to you within a day or so (and maybe sooner). You do not have to copy out the problem, the system automatically does this. If WeBWorK won’t accept your answer, then say what that answer is and how you came up with it. It helps if you give some idea of your thought process. Be aware that email sent after 5pm on Friday night will almost certainly not get a reply before the set closes. Note that this should be used for WeBWorK feedback only, if you want to contact your instructor you should email them directly.