There will be 10-12 weekly assignments for the semester consisting of a written portion and a WeBWorK portion. The written portion is due generally (but see Blackboard page) at midnight on Fridays through Gradescope. The WeBWorK portion is generally (but see blackboard page) due midnight on Fridays. Your lowest homework score will be dropped.

For due dates and times of WeBWork assignments please log-on WeBWorK to see when the set closes. Late assignments are generally not accepted, except in rare cases (such as genuine illness or emergency) supported by documentation.

A “WeBWorK TA” will be available to answer email questions about Webwork homework sets until 7pm on the due date. Questions received after 7pm may not be answered. There is a button on each problem to email the WeBWorK TA. You may access Webwork through the Course Homepage menu on your Blackboard page for MTH150.

TAs and Instructors can access WeBWorK. Students should use Blackboard instead.

Written assignments will be posted on the Gradescope and WeBWork assignments will open at least one week before the due date.