MATH 142-A2


Shashank Chorge


Lecture: MTWR, 9:00 AM to 11:15 PM ET via Zoom

Office Hours: 11.15 am to 12 pm from Monday to Wednesday and 7 to 8 pm on Thursday.

This is the Zoom link for the classes and office hours

Meeting ID: 697 612 9534

Passcode: 5852857100

Textbook and Requirements:

The textbook for the course is Calculus: Early Transcendentals (9th Edition) by James Stewart, Daniel Clegg and Saleem Watson.

You may use an older edition (all of which are authored solely by James Stewart) if it is easier to obtain. There may be some differences in pages, section numbers and questions.

You will need a zoom account to attend the lectures and a working webcam to take the exams.

Course Description

MATH 142 is the second course in the 140s sequence of calculus courses. We will start where MATH 141 leaves off by first discussing applications of differentiation to curve sketching and word problems. After that, the bulk of the course will be an introduction to integral calculus which is a crucial tool in many fields of natural sciences, engineering and social sciences.

We will discuss the indefinite integral, the definite integral, and the improper integral. We will cover the fundamental theorem of calculus and geometric and physical applications to problems involving areas, volumes, work and arc length. We will also discuss various techniques of integration including u -substitution, integration by parts, trignometric substitution, partial fractions.

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