Exams & Grading

How grades will be calculated

There will be 3 graded components of the class: Webwork, Workshop, and Exams.

Webwork=20%, Workshop=10%, 2 midterms = 20% each, Final =30%

(1) WeBWorK is an online homework system developed in the Math Dept. at UR and now used throughout the world. There will be weekly WeBWorK assignments, which may consist of up to 25 problems. WeBWorK homework deadlines are Friday nights at 11:59pm. Please note that extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. A crowded schedule or minor illness are NOT valid reasons to ask for an extension. At most one extension per semester will be granted. If you know you will be absent from school for an extended period, inform your instructor as early as possible so arrangements can be made.

WeBWorK homework counts for 20% of your total grade. No WeBWork sets will be dropped. Your score at the end of the semester will be based on the number of questions you complete out of the total questions assigned. Hence, even if you are not able to complete a given assignments, be sure to complete as much of it as you can.

You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with other students, however, WeBWorK problems are individualized for each student and you must do your own assignment. A “WeBWorK TA” will be available to answer questions about Webwork homework sets until 5pm on Fridays. Questions received after 5pm may not be answered.

Note: There is a button on each problem to email the WeBWorK TA. If you have difficulty with a problem, you can press this button, and explain your problem to the Web TA, who will help you. (But don’t wait until the last minue; the Web TA might then not be able to help you before the due date.)

(2) Workshop is a small-group meeting led by a teaching assistant. Students will work through a sheet of problems in small groups. Workshop problems are designed to be difficult and to stretch your understanding. Workshop will be worth 10% of your grade, but will be based on attendance only–not on finishing the problem set.

(3) Exams: There will be 2 midterms and a final. The midterms will be 80 minutes and each of them is worth 20% of your grade.

The final exam is broken into 2 parts, A and B. Part A will cover material from the midterms and part B will cover material from after the midterm. Part A will be worth 10% of your final grade and part B will be worth 20% of your grade.

Also, if you score higher on part A than one of your midterms, then the part A score will also replace your lowest midterm score. (A midterm score will not replace part A of the final.) This replacement will be done automatically at the end of the semester.

There will be no makeup exams for any reason.