MATH 285: Introduction to Applied Mathematics

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Cross Listed



MTH164 and MTH165, or MTH174.

This course is a prerequisite or co-requisite for



This course ties together many of the themes from courses on linear algebra (MTH165), calculus (MTH160s or 170s) and differential equations and applies them to problems found in engineering, physics and chemistry. The emphasis is on the underlying unity of the different mathematical subjects and the problems in the different sciences. The central topics are differential equations and matrix equations – the continuous and discrete. They reinforce each other because they go in parallel.

Topics covered

Minimum principles; eigenvalues and dynamical systems; constraints and lagrange multipliers; applications to ellectircal networks; differential equations of equilibrium; calculus of variations; stability and chaos; nonlinear conservation laws.

There are some 400 level courses in mathematical methods in the physics department, in the optics department and in engineering.