MATH 217: Mathematical Modelling in Political Science

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Some mathematical sophistication required. MTH 141 or MTH 161 or MTH 171 suggested.

This course is a prerequisite or co-requisite for


Topics covered

  • Conflict with ordinal Game Theory, including elementary applications (Nash equilibria, Prisoner’s Dilemmma, Chicken and to “real-life” political situations) and Brams’ Theory of Moves,

  • measures of voting power (including the Banzhaf and Shaplety-Shubik indices),

  • apportionment,

  • social choice (including Arrow’s Theorem and Sen’s Theorem).

  • Ordinal measures of Power

  • Escalation and the dollar auction

  • Depending on time available, other topics may be treated, such as fair division and Vickrey auctions.