MATH 171: Honors Calculus I

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Most science programs require between one and two years of calculus. See Comparing the Calculus Sequences.


Students with strong mathematical ability should consider taking the honors calculus sequence, Math 171-174, designed for students interested in mathematics. These courses teach calculus as an interesting subject in its own right and place an emphasis on theoretical understanding as well as on mastering technical skills.

  • The honors sequence Math 171-174 carries 5 credit hours per semester rather than the standard 4 credit hours and covers all of the material on calculus, ordinary differential equations and linear algebra contained in Math 161-165, and Math 235.

  • Students completing the four semester Math 171-174 sequence earn 20 credit hours (24 if they received AP credit) and will have completed all of the foundation requirements for a major or minor in mathematics, as well as MATH 235.

  • Students taking Math 171 who are interested in majoring in computer science should also register for the one credit course MATH 150A in order to satisfy the Computer Science’s MATH 150 requirement.